Notification about End of Remote Work

While as a preventative measure against the spread of COVID-19 we had been having our employees work remotely from home, taking into account the situation as of late we have ended our remote work policy and from October 7 (Wed) we have resumed work as normal at our offices.

In continuing to take preventative measures against COVID-19, with the safety of our clients and employees first and foremost in our minds, we are taking care to thoroughly check the temperatures of employees on a daily basis, and have a policy in place of mask-wearing, handwashing, diligent gargling, and maintaining proper ventilation.

Moreover, as part of preventative measures against COVID-19, at our Osaka Head Office, Tokyo Sales Office, and Kyushu Sales Office, we have installed non-contact temperature sensors and we have also supplied our other sales offices with handheld non-contact thermometers.

When visiting us, we kindly ask for your understanding and cooperation with body temperature checks.