Quality environment policies

Our Quality and Environmental Policies

We have established the following quality and environmental policies in order to contribute to the creation of a rich social environment by precisely responding to the needs of our valued customers and ensuring the provision of our products and services, with the aim being to develop businesses activities on a company-wide basis that take the global environment into consideration.

01.Improvement of customer satisfaction

We have established and implemented a quality and environmental management system that allows us to precisely ascertain our customers’ needs and expectations as well as meet their demands so we can improve customer satisfaction.

02.Establishment and continuous improvement of our quality management system

We have set quality and environmental goals to comply with customer requirements, prevent pollution, and continuously improve the effectiveness of our quality and environmental management system. Towards these goals, we have implemented a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) cycle for all processes and constantly strive to improve our operations so we can increase our product quality and environmental performance as well as provide high value-added products.

03.Participation of the entire organization and improvement of business quality

We make all Maruzen Intec employees aware of the significance and importance of their own activities to ensure that they comply with the provisions of our quality and environmental management system, with the aim being to improve the quality of their work.

04.Compliance with environmental laws and regulations

We will comply with environmental laws and regulations as well as other related requirements as we conduct our business activities.

05.Development of trustworthy corporate activities

We will contribute to reducing the burden on the global environmental by taking the following points into consideration when conducting our business activities.

  1. Provide environmentally friendly products to society
  2. Reduce waste through reuse and recycling
  3. Promote resource and energy conservation
  4. Strive to reduce the burden on the global environment by sharing information with manufacturers and customers
  1. Implement thorough environmental management activities by clarifying and maintaining systems and responsibilities
  2. Promote educational activities

06.Dissemination and disclosure of our quality and environmental policies

We will make our quality and environmental policies known to all those who work for us or on behalf of our organization and also disclose them to the public.

Established October 1, 2021
Shoji Amo


Through our corporate activities,
we are striving to earnestly tackle the challenges facing society as well as to continue to sustainably grow along with society.
With the management of important issues at the core of our business,
we are proactively working towards solutions to these challenges through our business operations by
trying to be more conscious of social issues within the countless areas where we interact with society.