Sustainability policy

The realization of sustainable contributions to society through business operations.

01Contributions to secure, abundant lives in modern society

A wide variety of electronic products based around smart devices, which have been progressing in terms of their advanced functions and miniaturization,
play an important role in our modern lives and it would not be an exaggeration to say that they have become indispensable.
Aware of our role as a multi-faceted trading company in the fields of product distribution and supply,
we continue to make contributions towards creating a sustainable society.

02Our sincere stance regarding the challenges facing society

Aiming to achieve both ‘business growth’and ‘societal growth,’
we will unwaveringly make concerted efforts from a sincere stance to proactively promote societal contributions rooted in various local areas,
even within our global business operations.

03Our policy moving forward

Working toward the shared awareness of our policy among all our employees and continued improvements to make it our conduct guidelines,
we are engaged in making sustainable contributions to society.


Through our corporate activities,
we are striving to earnestly tackle the challenges facing society as well as to continue to sustainably grow along with society.
With the management of important issues at the core of our business,
we are proactively working towards solutions to these challenges through our business operations by
trying to be more conscious of social issues within the countless areas where we interact with society.