Message From President

The realization of sustainable contributions to society through business operations.

We strive to be a company of value to society.

Sustainability is said to be the sustainment of the world throughthe environment, society, and the economy.
To that end, it is necessary for companies to be conscious of the pursuit of theirvalues in society and the environment within the context of their own business operations. The continuation of companies conducting their business operations with the pursuit of these values continuously in mind will naturally lead to their value being enhanced in each sphere of society, the environment, and the economy.
We believe that environmental and social considerations and a business’s economic returns can be reconciled and are not mutually exclusive. We work towards taking root in the world as a company that can provide value to society, the environment, and the economy as it continues to move forward.


Through our corporate activities,
we are striving to earnestly tackle the challenges facing society as well as to continue to sustainably grow along with society.
With the management of important issues at the core of our business,
we are proactively working towards solutions to these challenges through our business operations by
trying to be more conscious of social issues within the countless areas where we interact with society.