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Providing valuable functionality to meet the needs of the times.

Maruzen Chemicals Co., Ltd., was founded in 1895, and our company, the electronic materials division, was separated from that company in 2013 in order to continue to fulfill our role as a trading company. We are establishing strategic fields of endeavors with the future in mind. We are working based on our experience, technical expertise, and wide-ranging networks built up over many years to improve our competitiveness while also providing our customers with valuable functionality.

Our goal is to always have ideas that are on the cutting-edge of the technology of the times by taking advantage of our own the global network to meet diverse needs and promptly provide the highest quality products, services, and solutions. We will continue to create new value with our customers.

With the arrival of the 21st century, we are working company-wide to make our operations more environmentally friendly. As part of this effort to takeon environmental issues, we have obtained ISO 14001 certification. Finally, we are working to enhance our presence worldwide and offer the value of our company to society.

We at Maruzen Intec Co., Ltd. look forward to your support.

President  Shoji Amo