Sensing device

Supporting users with a supply system that responds to the needs of applications
that are getting more and more diverse.

Globally developing materials used in cutting-edge devices

In the electronics market, which includes smart devices that support diversified applications, technological innovations are being made each and every day.
We conduct the proposals and sales of materials for optimal camera modules and sensing module components. These materials can also be used for high-end models that are getting more and more sophisticated and compact. We support our users with a global supply system by utilizing our overseas bases.

Supporting users
with industry-leading skills

We have put together a technical team both rich in experience and possessing skills relating to element technology,
manufacturing, and testing of camera module for smartphones.
In order to meet a wide array of customer needs, we make design proposals which put to use our long-cultivated know-how, and provide high-functioning automated equipment, automated testing equipment which utilizes image processing, and the like.