Active Alignment Equipment for Camera module

  1. Industry-leading level of productivity
    • ◆ Current : UPH1000
    • ◆ Next generation: UPH1500/Target
    • (under development)
  2. Applications: Camera module for Smart phone & Automotive
  3. Also available for large optical format’s sensor
    (1” or 4/3”)
  4. Improve total yield loss and efficiency
※Co-development with Japan Finetech

※Lens barrel AA and dual / triple camera AA also developed possible


AVI (Automatic Visual Inspection) Equipment

  1. Leverages latest Machine Vision technology
  2. Correspond to every works and items to be inspected
  3. Propose as a total system that includes not only AVI units and software but also auto handlers

Development examples;

  1. AVI for 6 surfaces of camera module
  2. AVI Aluminum die-cast for auto motive
  3. AVI for Metal filters


Assembly and Testing Equipment

Utilizing our experience in developing assembly and test equipment for semiconductors and camera modules, we propose custom equipment that supports the following elemental technologies

  • ● High accuracy Pick and Place
  • ● Parts assembly
  • ● Adhesive bonding
  • ● Resin encapsulation
  • ● Laser soldering
  • ● Electrical testing
  • ● Camera image testing